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This site is dedicated to the tephritid workers worldwide. Tephritid fruit flies are pest diptera of economic importance as they attack more than 350 fruit and vegetables. The objective of this site is to promote the studies of tephritid fruit flies and the interaction between researchers, industry and field operators. Abdel Bakri

Novel augmentorium technique for parasitoid release.

In Reunion Island, tephritid fruit flies are the main pests of fruit and vegetable crops, causing severe yield losses. Instead of the curative approach to reducing populations, this study focused on a particular sanitation technique, which forms the basis of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in this context, using a tent-like structure called an "augmentorium" the aim of which is to contribute to controlling these pests. This structure sequesters adult flies emerging from infested fruit while allowing the parasitoids to escape, via a net placed at the top of the structure. The size of four nets was tested in the laboratory in order to include the most effective one in an augmentorium prototype adapted to the conditions of Reunion Island. The mesh finally selected (hole area 3.00 mm2) proved to be perfectly effective with 100% sequestration of adult flies (Ceratitis capitata, Bactrocera cucurbitae, Bactrocera zonata). In addition, 100% of the parasitoids (Fopius arisanus and Psyttalia fletcheri) were able to escape from the cage through the mesh if they chose to do so. Farmers were enthusiastic about using the augmentorium prototype. Implications for the use of this technique in Reunion Island are discussed. Source: Deguine Jean-Philippe, Atiama-Nurbel Toulassi and Quilici Serge. 2011. Crop Protection Volume 30, Issue 2, Pages 198-20


Welcome to the new Fruit Fly News newsletter!

Fruit Fly News (FFN) has been upgraded as a site web in order to increase its friendliness and serve better our tephritid workers' readers.  Many thanks to asso-web for providing freely this service.



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